Sunday, November 2, 2014

And I Didn't Have To Walk The Plank

Not long ago Matthew from the great blog Bob Walk The Plank contacted me. Hearing from a guy with the name Bob Walk The Plank had me feeling a bit like this.

Wondering how long it would be before my fate. Matthew let me off the hook by letting me know a mailer would be making its way my direction. A few more days passed as the excitement of knowing that I wouldn't be fed to the sharks, but was getting some cards. Then came another e-mail from Matthew, and fear back into my heart. Had he changed his mind, and I was about to be making the walk? Once again I was spared as word came that in a few days I could be expecting a package.

Once again I was spared from the fate of the plank. Instead what I got were some sweet additions into the collection.

Avery a 2008 second round draft pick by the Baltimore Orioles was part of the trade that sent Mike Morse to Baltimore in 2013. In 2014 he played 120 games for the Mariners triple A affiliate the Tacoma Rainiers. At the age of 24 Avery still has the chance to reach any potential he might have.

Matthew wasn't done there as the second card got even better.

Jeff Baker spent his 2014 season playing for the Miami Marlins in 90 games he hit .264.

Matt Holliday, we all know is by far the better of the two players. Having a great few years in Colorado, Holliday was eventually traded to the Oakalnd A's. This sweet looking card contains elements of that trade as he's seen donning the Rockies uniform, but the A's logo. With the patch being purple, it would have been awesome for this card to have been totally Rockies.

Closing things out was the main event of the entire mailer.

A card that I never thought I would ever own. Not only is Seager a great player who I hope to see in Seattle for many years. I live in the Northwest so Mariners cards come with that added little boost to their cost. Being one of the biggest stars of the team only makes that worse. Matthew helped out the Seager collection in a big way with this sweet Gypsy Queen autograph.

All I can say Matthew is thanks for sparing me the walk down the plank, and for some cards who will have a home in my Rockies, and Mariners collections.

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