Monday, November 24, 2014

More Business

I know these aren't my more popular posts when they are posted. The thing is that since getting the hobby room is mostly completed. I have been pushing hard on getting the three hobbies organized. Part of that process is getting these type posts done, and the cards put in their place.

Just this weekend all the schedules for trading have been put in boxes. Now all that remains is going through them, and doing the tedious project of putting them on the new blog site. Things have been going so well that my unlisted traders shoe box is at its lowest level since I bought it seven years ago. That doesn't mean they are all listed yet as odds are this will take a month or two before being completed. It just means I am now set to hopefully work on it at a faster pace than normal.

Another thing that has been getting done, but still has some work is the business cards. Until the big schedule swap last month, and a big business card trade through the mail. The business cards were fairly close to being organized. Now there is a stack of around one hundred cards waiting to be put in their place. Most should be easy, but a few will require some research.

I've been so focused on the schedules that the business cards have been pushed back. After another PWE from Jay who was the big trade. I'm glad that the stack still needs some work.

The best news of all is Jay hit me with an NHL team that was missing, and a missing minor league hockey team. When an envelope starts out with those kind of odds you know things are looking up.

The first two are a big question mark, but the Pirates one is new. Three out of five isn't a bad start for this batch of cards.

Jay finished things off with two more missing cards from the collection. Business cards that are related to college's are very slim in my collection. So adding a card this cool from Army was a sweet deal.

To say that Jay nailed it with this PWE would be an understatement. With how tough it has been in adding business cards from the major sports teams. Adding the Columbus Blue Jackets card is huge.Trading business cards with other collectors is tougher than it seems. Being able to add all the cards Jay sent in his two returns, and helping out his collection. This has to possibly rate as the best business card exchange I've done in the 13 years I've been collecting sports team business cards. Hopefully we will be able to work something out again in the future.

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