Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Journey Starts

Today the journey begins with an early rise, and drive to Fairfield. The plan for the day can go one of two different directions. The first direction is we arrive in Fairfield, and head on over to the hotel for an afternoon of relaxation. The second option is we arrive in town, and head over to the Jelly Belly factory for the tour, and some goodies.

 We would then head back to hang at the hotel for whatever is left of the evening. . The journey into Fairfield for the factory was something mentioned by the wife as a fun little stop. Being the daughter is a huge fan of Jelly Belly’s she was on board from the first time this was even thrown out as an option. While this would be a great start to our trip. Everything here relies on what time the alarm clock is set for us to start the day. Throw in how long it takes for the three of us to get going, and a list of things beyond our control along with some that are. It’s my belief that we will arrive too late in the day for this to happen so I’m not counting on this option. Unfortunately too as I’d love to have this finished up on day one instead of adding it to the day two list of events. Jelly Belly will happen it’s just on what day.

One of the saddest parts of this leaving today is the Sacramento RiverCats are on the road for the entire week. There is nothing we could do about this as getting time off at my work has become tougher, and tougher each year. This year both my vacation requests fell short so this was the best time frame we could come up with. Maybe one day we will be able to hit the RiverCats as it seems like a decent stadium to watch a game at.

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  1. Buy the "Belly Flops" at the Jelly Belly factory. Good stuff.