Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On Autopilot

For the next two weeks 'The Prowling Cat' will be on autopilot. The posts will continue during this time on a regular basis, but any e-mails won’t be answered. All of these posts are prewritten as right now I am officially on vacation. The game-plan includes anywhere from two or three baseball games. With the core part of this vacation centered around the mouse house known as Disneyland.

From Disney we will be heading over to another fun destination.
Las Vegas Baby!

Some posts will include a rewind of our past trip to Disneyland in 2007. Others will include Las Vegas which contains information from our last trip in 2003.. Whenever possible I will match the days post with what we have planned for that specific day, but it won’t be that way with every post. We did do some interesting side-trips last time such as watching the Mariners play the Angels. This won’t be happening this trip as the Braves versus Padres is the plan this time. Other posts not related will be the usual odds, and ends that have kept this blog going since day one. Some of these have been ideas floating around my head waiting for the day to be used. That day has come for the ideas to get their chance to shine.
Once we return expect some pictures, and recaps from the baseball related side of this trip.

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