Sunday, June 9, 2013

Angels vs. Mariners- Looking Back

One of our favorite parts of the trip in 2007 was going to see the Angels play. While it was great I always say it was weird at the same time. Out of all the teams that could be in town during our trip it was none other than the Seattle Mariners. The wife didn’t mind as she is a diehard Mariners fan, and loved the idea of seeing her team in Angels Stadium. Personally I would have enjoyed seeing another team as I can see the Mariners any time. I like to see new teams, and had hoped this would be one of those times we would see another two teams we had never gotten to watch.

The great thing about going to games like this one is we get better seats than the usual we buy for Mariners games. While I enjoy our seats in right field, and may even prefer them over what they would consider the better seats. I like getting to see a ballgame from a new angle in a new place. It’s also a chance for me to roam a new stadium to see what the place has to offer. Angels stadium had a lot to offer, especially in the main entrance area.

Ever since the day I got home, and started looking at vacation pictures from that trip. The picture I took of those two huge hats outside the stadium has been my all-time favorite stadium picture. I have used it as the background for all my collecting websites, except this blog. When I started to decide pictures for the hobby room it was the second picture I had to have turned into an 8x10, and hung on the wall. The first picture was the finish line at Daytona Raceway, which was taken in our 2010 Florida trip.

The downside to watching the Mariners against the Angels was the game itself. The Angels owned them from the first hitter until the game ended. Looking back at the pictures from the game all I saw was Angel runners on base.

I will admit that it was still a good time by both of us. Such a good time that when we were laying out this trip originally we were trying to arrange for another game. The plan was for Father’s Day, but has long since changed due to the whole ticket price thing. Unfortunately the Yankees are in town for the weekend, and ticket prices make a huge jump for them. With the Yankees in town the price was so brutal it priced us right out of the game. This led to the changes of changing our trip to include Las Vegas for three days. When you add the price to stay three more days in Anaheim, and the Angels game together. Las Vegas becomes a much cheaper option, and the one we chose. Things will work out too as the 51’s are in town, and will be on our schedule.

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  1. Looks like fun! I think we're going to try to get over to an Angels game next summer. I've never been.