Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Honey I'm Home!!

The long journey of the 'Prowling Cat Family' has finally come to an end. Getting in later than we had hoped on Tuesday. Reno to home took much longer than expected due to some road construction stops along the way. I'm not complaining though as we did hit each one at times that minimized our waits. So things could have been much worse.

Currently the house looks like our vacation just blew up in the living room. Sadly I work Thursday, and Friday, but the wife has until Monday off. This should give us all plenty of time to get reorganized before then. Once we get things together I will start sharing the stories from the trip to those of you interested in reading. Saturday is the day I've got in my mind to start the adventure. How many days worth of blog posts this trip takes up is something that will write itself. Everything could change though as I have vacation pictures to go through, and more pictures of vacation goodies to take for some blog eye candy. Until then you get to see some of the trade treasures that arrived while we were gone.

Starting the sharing is a trade that came in from a fellow pocket schedule collector, and business card collector Bill. I have traded both schedules, and business cards many a time with Bill. This trade was one of those blind style trades as Bill had posted a tradelist of older schedules. Seeing a schedule I could use for the collection I contacted Bill for a trade.

Sending a list of stuff that Bill could hopefully use for his collections, the e-mails exchange started. Needing more than expected from me, and rushed for time on my end. We agreed to have Bill send whatever he wanted to finish the trade in either cards, or schedules. With most our trades being for business cards it was only natural that the remaining trade would be business cards.

Overall it was a great trade, and a welcomed surprise when I got the mail today.

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