Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cats On Tour- Visalia Rawhide

The first game on the agenda during our vacation was the Visalia Rawhide versus Rancho Cucamongo Quakes. If you read my post about this possible game you remember how much a disaster it was on our last trip. After reading about the improvements to the stadium, and how they were named 'Organization Of The Year For 2012'. I was looking forward to seeing what the improvements were, and if they could make me forget our last visit.The burm behind homeplate was still there along with the artwork about past seasons.

This was down the third baseline, and represented the major league affiliates Visalia has had past seasons.

Down the first baseline was this which listed the various Championships won by Visalia teams. From there the changes were huge, and made a fan of our family. One of the new additions was a sign that gave the distance from Visalia for all the other Arizona DiamondBacks affiliates.

I really enjoyed all the ranch style stuff going on around the stadium. The grass area in right field looked cool to, and reminded me of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes up here in Oregon. As for the game itself we were treated to quite the game. The Quakes scored first in the second with a home-run to lead the game 1-0. It wasn't until the fifth that Visalia put together a string of hits to score, and tie up the game. The score remained the same until Visalia added the final, and winning run in the eighth. For the ninth inning they had a guy running around throwing out t-shirts, rally towels, and other goodies to the crowd. Those who cheered the loudest got stuff tossed their direction. In the end it was a great experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. Throw out that I got my own baseball card out of the deal.

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