Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Petco Park Here I Come!

This is one of the days I am looking the most forward to in the entire vacation. While I love doing the whole Disneyland thing, and Las Vegas sounds great. If all goes right today agenda is a trip to San Diego to watch the Padres play the Braves.

 While I am no means a fan of either team. I have been wanting to see Petco Park for a while now, and today it happens. Incorporating the Western Metal Supply Co. Building into the stadium has always fascinated me. While most fans love their old ballparks, I am a new ballpark fan. The craziest thing about this is if it’s a new stadium that looks old I’m a fan. I want that old ballpark feel, but I want my park to offer the latest, and greatest in everything else. The old ballparks had a sort of flair to them that you can’t help but appreciate. That flair is what made them so special, and has baseball fans remembering them with such fond memories. It’s also the reason if you look at some of the parks built recently they started to give them that old ballpark feel. From everything I have read, and seen on television the designer for Petco Park nailed the entire element. That is why Petco has been on my must see list since the day it was opened. Now I get to see firsthand if all the hype is genuine, or if the stadium is over rated.

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  1. Hope you had fun @ the game. It was nice to see the Padres sweep the Braves. One of these days I'll make it down to Petco to watch my favorite team play.