Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cats On Tour- Leaving Anaheim & The Las Vegas Days

The final leg of our trip was the actual leaving of Anaheim, and making the journey to Las Vegas for a couple days. While we did have more days in, staying the night in Reno on the ride home. Nothing of significance collecting wise happened so no need to go into details. As we woke up on the Friday and started to prepare for the ride to Las Vegas.

Before we left town I made mention to the wife about a Goodwill in the area. I had done a search before leaving with this as a wildcard that I might bring up at some point. Hoping to maybe add something like an Angels or Dodgers bobblehead. Maybe they would have some other stadium giveaway items that would look cool in the hobby room. Going in with the hope of something awesome could be found to add into the collection. What I walked away with won't be going into the hobby room anytime soon, but was still cool to get.

The one on the left is a sweatshirt. I thought it looked cool, and will throw it into my rotation with my Rockies sweatshirt I got for Christmas this year. The other is a t-shirt that looks to be a stadium giveaway. The t-shirt lists all the players in the Angels hall-of-fame on the back along with the shirts sponsor. The great thing is both items look really nice, and only cost if I remember right six dollars.

After purchasing my finds it was off to Vegas. On day one the plan was to catch a 51's game after settling in. That plan got trashed as an SUV had flipped near Barstow, and required two life-flight helicopters. This shut down the freeway for a significant amount of time. That single stretch of road took us over two hours to drive, and set us back tons of time. Our before three o'clock planned arrival time ended up being after five-thirty when it was all said and done. In the end I never did get to see the 51's play which was a real bummer. The Sky Sox were in town, and as a Rockies fan it would have been pretty cool to see the triple A affiliate play.

With the heat being 106 the entire stay I made two trips out during the day, and grabbed the following goodies for the hobby room.

The baseball ended up being the fifth, and final baseball I picked up for the collection. The two poker chips below the ball were from the Harley store in New York, New York. I decided to walk into the store while the wife, and daughter made a pit stop to just look around. Saw a box full of these poker chips, and though a couple would look cool in a frame. The brown chip comes from Planet Hollywood, with the blue from the M&M Store. The final blue in the upper right is just a basic chip that says Las Vegas on it. One of these days I will have to sit down, and figure out a frame. Then work on putting them in said frame to hang on the wall.. Should be a fun little project that I'll share once it gets completed if it ever does. Overall I came hgome with some sweet treasures for the collections that I should enjoy for years to come.

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