Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photobombing 101

Sometimes we are given the chance to learn valuable information. The type of information that could cost tons of money to gain. This morning I am offering you this type of information free of charge. This is the type of information that you will be sharing with family and friends. While it might not be something you personally use someone you know will use this one day. This offer is only for a short time though.

So grab your pen, or pencil, and some paper. This is something you are going to write down. Maybe you should call your friends, and invite them to class. Maybe your friends are busy. No fear get a family member as they might want to share this invaluable information with their friends.

Now that you are ready it's time for today's lesson. I see you thinking to yourself the man has built this up so it had better be good. So what is today's lesson? Today we will be discussing the fine art of photobombing. Mainly the how not to photobomb.

You see while some have had great experiences, and came away with some laughs. Today's examples are how not to photobomb as you will end up looking like an idiot.

First let's start with a legal mumbo jumbo. I don't condone the art of photobombing. Should you feel the need though remember what you learn today. With information like this you have to be careful. Never know I might even get a video one day and make money on this so you gotta cover yourself.

Let's start with the definition from the Urban Dictionary. Let's be honest. These aren't the actual definitions, but they give a good idea on today's subject.

1- To drop in a photo hop in a picture right before it is taken.
2-  Any time the background of a picture hijacks the original focus.

Here is our first subject.
See the three people on Yount's left shoulder? Start with the kid who is wearing a Pirates cap, and work up. You have the guy who for one is rubbernecking it. Then above him is the lady with the sunglasses. Can you imagine those two back when this card came out.

 Hey, Pete did you see me on that Brew Crew baseball card?

Where were you?

I'm right behind the kid in the Pirates hat!

You sure that's you? I can't tell because that guy is mostly cut off by that kid.

I'd be willing to bet that the lady in the sunglasses had a similar conversation. So this is where the learning comes in.

As a general rule place yourself in a position where you can be recognized in the picture. Standing up and moving a seat over or something would have paid off. If you aren't going to put that effort in then just stay out of the picture. As for the lady in the sunglasses. Unless you wear glasses then don't wear glasses. You want to look normal so your friends can recognize you. This is a baseball card, and no one can recognize you. Odds are you couldn't even recognize yourself if you saw this card.

Subject number two.
While this guy did a much better job he failed in one major part. As with the lady in the sunglasses. Our cameraman seemed to forget one of the major rules. You can't disguise your face. I will give him credit for the thumbs up. The more I think about it this might not be a fail after all. The camera draws attention to him which is the point, and odds are prevented him from getting in trouble. Due to the camera he can claim he was just doing his job and somehow ended up in the picture.

Subject number three, and our last. This is a very interesting photobomb
You have to give credit to Buhner for what was a great photobomb. He got in behind Junior, and was in the picture. Oh wait! I just noticed something that makes this a bad photobomb. This is Buhner's card! So while the attempt was great you did it so well it backfired. I guess we have to change this and say great job by Junior for showing up in Buhner's card. You see that is how it's done kids. Junior isn't just a great player he photobombs like no other.

Hopefully you learned something from this lesson. If you would like to pitch in and see this on vidoe. I'm willing to share any profits from the sales we make doing an infomercial. Until then I guess this will stay as free information.

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