Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Coast On Over - part2

While at the coast not only did I get to do my favorite by hitting the Goodwill, and getting a new bobblehead. On New Years Eve I went out and about the town we were staying in. The original plan was to hit the visitors center, and see if there was some sort of New Years party type thing going on. Something that we could take the daughter, and her friend too. There is an aquarium in town, and sometimes they have special events so who knows. The problem was the visitors center was closed so our plans for the night ended up being sitting there watching Dick Clark's Rockin New Years.

My next plan was in town they have a huge antique mall that during our last visit I went into and saw some sports cards. At the time I wasn't back into cards like I am now so they were just passed over. Couldn't even tell you what they were priced at if that tells you anything. Now with the collection back into full swing I thought going in and seeing what was there would be fun.

 Only one problem... I never made it to the antique mall. From the visitors center to the antique mall is at most five blocks. Two blocks short on my right in a sporting goods store was a huge white sign with a baseball logo that said sports cards. Being that was my goal at the mall, the sign sucked me in. Curiosity got me as part of me thought no way, but another more controlling side said check it out. It only takes a couple minutes to  walk in, and then leave looking like an idiot who walks in and then exits two seconds later. Instead I walked in only to be there one to two hours looking through boxes of cards.

From talking with the owner he had just bought part of someones collection which was a ton of rookie stuff. Some cool stuff, but nothing I was looking for. After a couple boxes finally some collecting treasure found there way into what would be a small stack of cards.

If you've seen my player wantlist since that trip. You will see that these three guys are on that list now. As a Rockies fan I'd love more than anything to see all three of these guys do well.
 Nicasio has had a tough go of it though. Especially with the forced jump he originally made from double A Tulsa right to the Rockies roster. Hopefully he can get it together and become the force he was in the minors before the jump.

Besides my favorites the Rockies my second favorite team is the Seattle Mariners. Kind of a forced team if you will, that I have embraced on a certain level. Being we live in the Northwest if you want to talk baseball it's mostly Mariners. When it comes to cards though getting stuff for the local team is usually costly. I was lucky enough that this guy was making deals so I got me some sweet Mariners as well.

These three are the future of the Mariners. Any hopes the franchise has are with these three. The one card I was most excited about was the Ackley. I was at a card shop a few weeks ago, and he wanted three dollars for the regular 2012 Topps. Getting a Chrome was a real steal as I paid much less. On a side story about Ackley. We were going to do the game up in Seattle where they gave away the Ackley bobblehead. Due to cash flow limits we didn't get to go. Hopefully one day I get a shot at one of those for the collection.

Ending this show off I got these two cards.
Moustakas in my opinion had a great season, and could be a future great. I might continue to get more of his cards if they fall into my lap, or I find them on the cheap as this one was.

McHenry while not on my favorite players list. He is a player I wouldn't mind to add more cards of in the future. Who knows, he might even make it on my list later on. He is a big one for me as I remember watching him when he played for the Tri-City Dust Devils up here in the Northwest League. Honestly I had my doubts on whether he'd ever play on an MLB roster. I'm glad he has, and am rooting for him to continue that trend.

Besides these ten cards I found a few more cards that just found their way into the stack. One was a Teixeira, and the others just odds and ends. Who knows what will happen to those in the future. Some might end up in one of my albums, and another 1-2 might end up in some other bloggers album at some point. Who knows, as I sure don't right now.

Overall, when you throw in a great bobblehead, a stack of cards, and a few days off from work playing around. This was a sweet getaway.

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