Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Trade With Character

Just over a week ago a fellow collector named Scott was looking for 2012 Topps Update cards for his set. Having bought a few packs, and not building the set myself I contacted him to offer up a few of the cards. Looking through my wants Scott came up with some cards to send back in return to complete a trade. Saturday the return part of our trade showed up and I'm thrilled to show off what Scott sent my direction.

Starting off was these two cards from the 2011 Opening Day subset Stadium Lights.
Now I see why fellow blogger Night Owl loves these type of cards. While I'll never get into the collecting night cards I am hoping to finish this subset one day.

Next up is another subset from the same year and again from Opening Day.
I read someplace that these cards aren't very popular. It does seem like a kind of corny subset, but I thought I'd try to finish it at some point anyways. I seem to love those corny or odd type sets, and subsets so why shouldn't this be any different?

Last, but not least was the reason this post got it's name. Eight, yes count them eight cards from two different years of Opening Day mascots.
I have been working on getting these cards for every year they have been doing them. I enjoy these cards so much that I'm even trying to get the cards from when they weren't a subset, but part of the normal cards.

Seeing these cards got me even more excited if that's possible for this years Opening Day cards. I much like tons of others will not only be chasing the mascots subset. I will be making a run for the mascot autograph cards.

Ending I'd like to say one more time. Thank you so much for the great trade Scott! You made this cat very happy.

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