Monday, January 28, 2013

Character Managers

With the death of Earl Weaver just over a week ago. I started to think about the things I have read about the great manager over the years. The stories of how loved he was by his players. The craziness of Weaver kicking dirt on hats, and anything else that he decided to kick dirt on while unloading on an umpire. Being the off the wall person I am it got me to thinking. What has happened to all the managers like Weaver who were total characters?

 Growing up guys like Weaver, and Martin were just fun to watch. Seeing the fits these two had were something to behold. Little did I know how much the players would do for these guys. All I knew is their raging was a blast. Another of these fun guys was 'Sweet' Lou.

Why did I mention Lou last? It seemed like even his last few seasons he had become one of these much calmer managers.

When I think of the current crop of managers only one comes to mind on the character front. Ozzie Guillen, and if not for some of the truly stupid stuff from his mouth he'd fit perfect with this group. My belief is that his mouth stops him from getting the love, and respect these managers players had for them.

Other than Ozzie what happened to these managers? You watch any Major League game, and all you see is this calm manager standing on the step watching everything. The look of deep in thought across his face as he looks more into the game than anyone in the stadium. While this thought is a good thing I want character.

This card from Japan shows the type of guy I'm talking about. Is this an old manager, or do these guys still exist in Japanese managing ranks? Sometimes they make appearances in minor league games here in the states, but in the majors they are like the dinosaurs.

Will we one day be telling our grandchildren about these wild managers, and get the look of grandpa you are nuts. Will those kids be looking at us with the, and 'I bet you walked uphill to school both ways'. All I can say is

you've barely left us, and we miss you more than you will ever know Earl...

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