Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Two Ackley's

A week ago another member of the online trading group had a stack of 2012 Topps he was offering up for trade. Looking through a checklist of all the 2012 Topps. I noticed that two of the cards were of a new player I started collecting since deciding to do this blog. The player is Dustin Ackley, and the cards were a sparkles, and a Gold Futures. Two great cards that arrived yesterday, and have already hit the binder. So here they are...

I just love the classic style look of this card. I was so busy looking to see what the players where for the numbers he had that I didn't look to see if any of my other players were in this set. I sure hope so as like I said I love the look of this subset.

This is my third card with this exact picture. I currently have the chrome, blue border, and this one the gold sparkles. Got quite a little rainbow going, and hope to add even more in the future.

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