Monday, January 7, 2013

Coast On Over - part 1

A few weeks ago the wife thought we needed a trip over to the coast. We hadn't been over there since summer so we were long overdue for a trip. So I took the first and second of January off and we were set. While she would have been happy just sitting there reading books, and letting the dog, daughter, and myself go to the beach a couple times a day. That wasn't what I had planned.

 On Saturday morning I wanted to cruise on up to Lincoln City, and see if the flea market had anything cool. Then take a short trip to the beach before heading back. Waking up the agenda was set, and we were off. Arriving in town we drove to where the market once was. It was either down for the winter or no longer a flea market. Not willing to go down as a wasted trip I convinced the wife for a stop at the visitors center.

Inside I saw the huge poster advertising that this was a big weekend for the town winter event.
From Labor Day until Memorial Day the town does this thing where the local artists make blown glass floats, and glass sand dollars. Then they put them out on the beach for people to find. If you find one the idea is to drop into the visitor center and get your picture taken with your new treasure. Then take it home and enjoy your treasure. While the poster looks cool finding these babies isn't quite that easy. The day we were there was a special weekend where they supposedly put out over 150 for the weekend.

 With the tide high we headed to what turned out being one of the very few beaches you could walk on. Once there I saw a couple people leaving with globes and realized we were either to late or there at the right time. Having to watch for sneaker waves the short walk we made I think we either were late or walked the wrong direction. I'll go with we were just a little to late. Still hoping for good results we decided to move towards another beach.

Heading out a mile down the road I had saw heading towards the beach one of my all time favorite stops. Goodwill! Doing some fast talking the wife gave in and let me go see what they had. While it was a small store with not alot to see. On the last row I hit treasure when sitting there in a box was.

 2007 Kenji Johjima bobblehead.
When he was playing in Seattle, Kenji was my wife's second favorite Mariner. The man was as tough as they come. Even if he wasn't the best of hitters I have to respect his game just for his toughness. This thing is pretty cool as well, and I'm glad to add it into the collection.

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