Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The ToddFather Orders A Hit

With all the trades flowing in lately the biggest in awhile came Saturday when Tim over at one of my all time favorite blogs Home of the Toddfather dropped a bubble mailer on me. As a Rockies fan I have to be watching Tim's blog for his favorite player Todd Helton. Why it wasn't on the list of my favorite blogs was an oversight which was fixed last night.
Keeping with the theme I attempt whenever I can. It's time for a thank you with a different feel to it.

--The Toddfather Attempts Revenge--

It was a hot Saturday night when the gang decided pizza sounded great. We headed to the usual pizza place hoping for a nice calm evening of food, and fun. As we sat eating, and watching NASCAR an uneasiness started to fill the air. Unable to put our finger on what was creating the feeling we continued on our way as if nothing was going on.  An hour passed then another as the feeling started to get farther from our minds. 

That is when it happened. A text from the Toddfather hit my phone warning me that it was coming. Wondering what I had done to cross him the fear hit me like an anvil. Thinking everything was good, but obviously it wasn't. As the fear set in three men wearing Rockies jerseys entered the restaurant. Before anyone could move the man started flinging baseball cards like crazy. 

Not wanting to get hit, or possibly grazed I dove under a table. The dive came to late as I was hit by a series of 2013 Topps flagship cards.

As I looked it was obvious that the damage was serious. Cards were still flying as I crumpled up waiting for the madness to end. I could see other under tables of their own, all trying to avoid getting hit. Suddenly it stopped for a few seconds before beginning again only with 2013 Opening Day cards.

This barrage was much shorter before The three men all fled the building. When it was all over the damage was done to my sets. A text followed letting me know that you should never cross the Toddfather. Still reeling from the visit I texted back to let him know next time it would be 'The Prowling Cat' striking.
Assessing the damage the 2013 flagship set took 38 cards worth of damage. Topps Opening Day took another 11 cards worth of hits.
            Thank you so much for the cards Tim, and hopefully everyone enjoyed the post. I've always enjoyed reading about the mafia back in the day, and Tim's blog reminds me of that. In high school my best reports were the two I got to do about the mobsters. Now if I could get better at doing these type of posts for other blogs.

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  1. At least you got ambushed with something you love-Baseball cards lol. Love the blog btw just started following check mine out http://truschoolsports.blogspot.com/ feel free to join the site if you like what you see.