Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Cat Reels In The Big One

If you have been following the blog for awhile you know about my other hobbies. The main hobby happens to be collecting business cards. While I have been collecting off, and on for years it was twelve years ago I got serious. This seriousness led me to my current goal of a business card from every baseball team in the MLB, minors, and independent leagues. The goal has been tough going the last few years as it's been holding around five teams with no business card in the collection. Its a tricky goal though as I keep up with affiliate changes. So the amount of teams needed during any season fluctuates between the main five, and the changes.

Monday everything changed in the collection as one of the five missing finally sent a business card. I have been trying for years, and after the bad luck that I've had this season getting this card is a game changer. I started late last year with the artelopes project, hoping that the artwork would help finally bag a big one. While the initial results were great things slowed down lately, and had me feeling down about all the poor results. Now I'm pumped more than ever to start drawing, and get more sent out.

I started the envelope out by just doing the W, and the N thinking it looked like a cool idea. That is when I decided to show the daughter what she was missing by not doing this artelope herself. This is when her creative juices got flowing, and she came up with the idea of the baseball flying, and the tail as flag stripes. Personally I think it turned out great, and the results show the same.

Before I show off the crowing jewel, how about the other goodies that were included. This is by far the best results ever from the Nationals. While I've gotten postcards, and small player cards I have never gotten anything near what was sent this time. Starting off was this cool picture of Jason Werth.

Following Werth was a sticker, and the schedule that was part of the main request.

This is where things got interesting.

While I'm not a Nationals fan I am actually looking forward to reading this magazine. We usually buy these each time we go into Seattle. They are always full of great information about the team, so it should be a great read.

Ending the large envelope was the great white whale that this whole thing was about. The business card that I've been trying to get since the team became the Washington Nationals. My reason for all this excitement is this card finishes off the major leagues for me. Unless another team pulls of the whole Florida Marlins becoming the Miami Marlins. I am set for business cards from the bigs, and can work on those last couple teams in the minors.