Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Junior's Junk Is My Treasure

Not very long ago I went to a thing called 'The World's Largest Garage Sale'. At the time I mentioned that it was more of a flea market than a garage sale. Either way the thing was awesome, and something I look forward to doing again either in July when it travels north by about half an hour or next time it happens in Portland again. While at the sale I came across a Ken Griffey Jr. 'Starting Lineup' figure, and thought a certain Junior collector would be interested in said item. Living under the umbrella of 'Mariner Territory' seeing Junior stuff happens quite often. Being able to put them into a collection of a passionate Junior collector doesn't happen often. After getting home I contacted T.J, and let him know I had picked something for him but what would remain a mystery

Scrambling for something to send in return. I told T.J. about the schedule hobby, and that some local schedules would be more than enough. T.J. got the message, and hit me with a batch of New Orleans Zephyrs schedules.

While the schedules are cool, they weren't even the best part of this package. The best parts were both a Mark Martin 1996 calling card, and the envelope itself.

Doing the whole artwork thing on envelopes I am mailing to teams for schedules myself. I appreciate it when a trader spends the time to throw some artwork on a trade envelope. Basking in the glory of T.J.'s goodies I almost forgot. Go check out his blog 'The Junior Junkie'. The man is a passionate Ken Griffey Jr. collector who loves showing off any Junior stuff you can think of.

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  1. You're a tough man to shop for, but when I saw you like NASCAR, I though immediately of that phone card I've had for nearly 20 years.

    Also, I have more Z's schedules to send you, but I wasn't sure how many I can send in a PWE without it being returned for additional postage. I may experiment and see how many I can fit.