Thursday, May 23, 2013

Riding The Rails

After a busy Wednesday it was great to come home, and find some trade goodies in the mailbox. Until I opened the manilla envelope I had forgotten about this trade being on its way. These goodies came from fellow pocket schedule collector Dan. Not only was it a schedule, it was a magnet schedule.

Since the creation of this team I have been a fan. Not because of the cat name, but for another reason altogether. I had only been collecting pocket schedules for two years, and had started the baseball teams business cards at the same time. The RailCats were a new team on the independent league circuit. My first time writing the team was for a pocket schedule, and some business cards. What was sent back was a stack of pocket schedules, business cards for everyone on the teams staff, and their group outings brochure. While it was a simple return for the team it meant a ton to this fairly new collector. These brochures made their way into the collection until the team stopped doing them a few years ago.

All this treatment has made the RailCats one of a very few teams I collect anything I can get for the team. This is where Dan has come to the rescue. Dan lives close to Gary where the RailCats call home, and has been hooking me up for a few years now. Our trading relationship is the best of anyone I trade with in any hobby.

Like shortprint baseball cards, some schedules seem to be shortprinted. If either of us come across these our first thought is to either contact the other, or set some aside for when we next e-mail each other. Often other things make it into our trade packages. This package was no different as Gary added to my RailCats items with another interesting treat.

Now the mystery of what I should do with this coaster is my new dilemma. Part of me says it should go in the binder with all my other RailCats items. Another says put it on a shelf or something. The last says it needs to go into a frame with other fun stuff for constant showing off for anyone who walks into the hobby room. No matter what happens its an item I'm glad to add into the baseball goodies.

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