Monday, March 28, 2016

The Power Of One

Back in February I had purchases a hanger pack of 2016 Topps. Having no desire to even consider building the set, or any of its subsets. I threw out that all cards from the post were available for anyone who needed them.

Wanting to cover all bases I offered the cards at the Yahoo group TradingBases for any collectors there who might need the cards. It didn't take long as one of the members Michelle hit me up needed a couple of the cards. Happy to help I put the cards in an envelope, and sent them on their way.

Not long afterward Michelle dropped an envelope of her own on me that showed how powerful one card can be.

What you are seeing is a Berger's Best card #60 from this years Topps. A card that turned what to me was a wasted pack into a pack that was money well spent. I could have bought many a packs, and odds are would have still needed to track this great card down. Thanks to an awesome trade with Michelle I was able to mark it off the needed cards list.

Most of all I learned how powerful one card can be when it comes to turning a pack around. 

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