Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Player Collecting Changes

This is a post that I've actually had planned for awhile, but with my erratic blogging hasn't gotten done. Then came Spring Training games today, and some motivation to finally get this post done. So, using that newfound motivation it is time to get some serious collecting stuff done, and update all this here on the blog.

As you can tell from the post title this post has to do with updates to the player collecting. In what has become a tradition here, but usually at the first of the year. I sit down, and look over the player collections, and remove the players I am no longer interested in. This years removals contain one surprise, and one probably not very surprising player.

Last year wasn't a very good year for Zunino, and his advancement in his career. After a couple years of hearing about Zunino was the teams present, and future catcher. The Mariners eventually decided that Zunino needed more time in the minors to hopefully improve, and become the catcher they want. Whether that time paid off, or if he will start 2016 in Tacoma I haven't heard. What I do know is that with his struggles during the year I started losing interest in his cards, and gutted the collection even before the year ended.

In what might be the biggest surprise in my player collecting I am dumping Rosario. This move has been a painful one that honestly sucks after all the sweet cards of his I had accumulated since starting this blog. While I will probably keep his cards in the Rockies binder where they currently sit. My dilemma comes in the fact that Rose wasn't able to find any interest from an MLB team. No offers for an invite to spring training, or a chance to earn a spot on a team. All this led to Rosario accepting a contract from a KBO team so he could continue his career. From reading articles the number of players to make this move, and return to the MLB is very small. All this means I have to move on as collecting a guy who isn't on an MLB roster just doesn't appeal to this cat.

Now onto the additions to the players. In the past I've had the list at five as it just seems like a good number for the players to collect. Besides them there has been a few secret guys that I pick cards up here, and there while deciding if I want to make them a serious collection. That group comes, and goes with who is on it all the time.That is why it has remained a secret list as I just can't seem to decide on going full force on them, or not. Starting off this year though the list will be four as I do have one player on the verge, but I just can't seem to pull the trigger on making him a serious collection. Who knows if sometime during the year I decide to add him, and grow the list back to five, or just stay at four until nest year. Until then I give to you the newest addition to the player collection.

You would think with my track record the past couple years when it comes to Rockies pitchers in the collection. Sadly Jon Gray is getting the Prowling Cat's kiss of death by joining the player collection. When we went to the brocation in Seattle last year I headed over for a selfie with Mr. Gray. The guy was awesome, and made me a fan. Out of all the guys there he is the only player that I wish I had a card of to get autographed of during the trip. Despite not being the type of person who waits around to do auto's I wish I would have done it for Jon. I can't help, but root for the guy so he had to join the collection.

Soon if not Wednesday I will hopefully have an update to the set collecting. A few changes were made to the sets I'm collecting with some being removed, and some I've been thinking about for awhile finally got put on the page.

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