Friday, November 27, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 4

It's been a couple crazy days that honestly I am still recovering from. This morning was the big one as we got up early to go out for some deals. Yes, I know it's kind of unnecessary these days because of online shopping, but I still kind of enjoy it.

Anyway, how about we get down to the business of clearing out some more things looking for new homes. First let's start with the information on the claimed, and unclaimed things. How about we go with the fun, also known as claimed treasures. If you haven't contacted me via e-mail at with your address then I'd appreciate it so I can send you your goodies. I've tried to contact most of you, but haven't gotten a response which I'll say is due to this being the holiday weekend.

Next is to save you some time I will let you know that the following items are still up for grabs. From the original post I have tons of the Rockies police cards, but no complete sets. Post two still has one full set of "Fievel Goes West" cards available. The third has two logo baseballs from the Eugene Emeralds, and the Corvallis Knights. The lifespan on all these are about to run out as I am taking the daughter south to check out a longboard. Once we return I will check here, and any of the treasures unclaimed from the first three posts will be making a trip to the Goodwill truck.

How about we get back to business now.

1994 Parkinson Set
This is a set of art cards from the artist Keith Parkinson. The artwork is fantasy style with lots of dragons, and castle type paintings. There are 90 cards in the set, and it is a great looking set of cards.

San Diego Zoo
A weird sized 110 card set that was produced in 1993 Cardz. This is an awesome set in my mind that I'm hoping will find a new home through this post. Back in the days of me collecting non-sport cards I was into the endangered animal sets probably more than any other type of card. These were by far the best of all the endangered sets in my opinion.

Remember that if you want any of the treasures offered in the first three posts you need to claim them ASAP. By Saturday night they will all be on their way for sale at one of the Goodwill's in the region. The two sets above only have a span of how long it takes for someone to claim these two sweet sets.


  1. I'd be interested in the San Diego Zoo set.

  2. Cool, love those early/mid-'90s fantasy artist sets, so I'm super down for that.