Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Cards

While you might think it is a little early to send out Christmas presents. Sometimes getting them out early is best for people with busy lives. One of those people is fellow collector, and TradingBases member Mike. Just under one week ago I got a PWE with a letter, and this picture inside.

Included in the letter was an explanation that he forgets to send out thanks to fellow collectors for the holidays. In order to prevent that from happening this year he was getting these presents out while he had them on his mind.

If you ask me I can't do anything, but applaud Mike for realizing something that many of us don't. With all the hustling, and bustling we sometimes intend to send out some holiday cheer. Doing all the family stuff takes over, and we forget our card collecting family. Next thing we know as Mike also added the holidays are over, and we never sent the cards.

Well done Mike on the cards, and the thoughtfulness behind sending them my direction. Hopefully I can focus long enough to spread some holiday cheer like you have this year. I keep failing to do the things around the house I should be doing. So, maybe spending some time on a project like this can get me going on the other things needing done.

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