Sunday, September 20, 2015

Going For A BROcation- Friday

Before getting to close to the big day came time to make the hotel reservations. Things changed though when right before making them I made an executive decision. Getting off work then leaving around five we had decided to go halfway, and stay in Kelso. Giving it more thought, I didn't want to arrive around eight, and then stay up til eleven. Only to wake up the next morning to leave around six, or seven for a two hour drive to Seattle. It didn't make sense in my mind when we could just arrive in Seattle close to ten. This would allow us to sleep in, and enjoy the day more than the whole early wake up. So, rather than ask I decided to add Friday to what was our current hotel choice. As the magical day came it would pay off in a huge way.

(From here on out I will refer to my friend as JJ) 

When I made the decision JJ was on another vacation. Upon his return we had talked, and agreed not only that my idea was our best option. We talked, and decided to put our names on the vacation calendar. Giving it alot of thought as the calendar was full so we were on the back up. Our best option was to both attempt half-day to hopefully increase our odds if something happened. We weren't very optimistic, but it was worth a try.

Fate stepped in, and set what we learned would be the tone for this entire trip. One of our coworkers canceled his time off, and set us up to get atleast four hours off apiece. Asked by our boss if we would both accept four hours instead of our requested five, it was a no brainer. Leaving early if even an hour was a treat for both of us. Thrilled at getting off, and leaving four hours early we were pumped beyond belief. That day things changed as our boss gave us 4 3/4 hours since staying through lunch to work forty-five minutes seemed stupid to him. When the announcement was made we couldn't get out the door fast enough, and were on our way.

After making what I thought was incredible time on our trip north. Going through Portland took an hour, but we somehow avoided the 'Tacoma Crawl' slow down. We arrived in Seattle close to four, and headed straight to the local big box store for some Saturday attire. Next came the hotel check in, and a surprise that we both never imagined possible. On the way up we talked about catching the opening game for the series if all the chips fell perfectly. Everything had fallen right, and we were on our way to an extra previously unplanned game.

Buying tickets at the stadium, and arriving after the gates had opened. (This was new to me as I've always made the wife go an hour before the gates open). We still ended up with some awesome seats.

Sitting on the third row in the section just over from the Rockies dugout. Going into the game these were the best seats I had ever sat in at an MLB game. We would do better later on when we sat in the exact same section, and row. Only that game we would be on the side closer to the dugout.

Best of all was the fact that there were tons of Rockies fans so I didn't feel alone cheering for them to win. What I did learn from seeing them all is that I need to re-bulk up on my Rockies knowledge. I can currently name most the Mariners by seeing their face. Not only can't I do this with most of the Rockies roster. I am not even able to tell you who's even on the roster.

How about some game pictures now without commentary.

The Rockies would go on to win the game 4-2. Seeing the Rockies go off on a hitfest, and score some runs against Iwakuma was a sweet way to start the weekend. Besides all this fun we would learn an interesting tidbit on Sunday while at the hotel.

I can't recall when they showed up, but I believe it was right before game time. The man in what looks to me like a brand spanking new Rockies hat. He came with a friend, and a chair that was empty between the two of them. It was in one of the first two innings that another man came to sit in that empty seat. Wearing the same hat, and sporting the exact same requested by the visiting team badge around his neck. I couldn't help sitting there, and mentioning to JJ numerous times that they were somebody important.

The man pictured engaged the women you see in the picture, and talked a little about how they were going to get a foul ball. Their moment came as a slow foul trickled in their direction while they looked at the scoreboard for other game scores. Focused on the board, and discussing the Phillies game their ball bounced off the wall in front of them, and rolled away. Despite being a Rockies fan I couldn't help, but harass them a little as it was just a fun moment. They engaged back which only added to the fun that I think they enjoyed as much as we did.

Sunday came, and while playing around on the Rockies twitter feed I came across a small video that showed the three men.

I guess the middle guy is Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. JJ had to explain to me who he is as the only part that made any sense is Pearl Jam. Overall it wasn't a bad way to start this entire weekend. Get to see an extra game, and a celebrity on that same night. The greatest thing is we didn't bother him, but hopefully added to their experience with our little banter.

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