Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Busy, But Successful Weekend

For the first time in over one month I am living large. Since July I have been doing serious overtime at work. Doing all this has left me drained, and honestly not wanting to leave the house very often. Yes, I did the Garage Sale thing, and two baseball games, but other than that it was lounging at home on my remaining days off. Hopefully for the next couple of months those days are behind me, and things around here start looking up.

If Saturday is any indication things are going to be looking way up. It all started with the wife wanting to head north, and run some long overdue errands. It didn't take much convincing as it'd been a month since getting to hit the Goodwill in town.

Doing breakfast, and five other stops we finally got to my favorite part of the errands. I will start by saying that with how the hobby room is coming along I haven't been expecting much. All this could change in the next few weeks as I have huge plans for the room. These plans will all start falling in place two weeks from now hopefully. Everything will depend on how next weekend goes.

Enough teasing, I need to get focused back onto the current stuff. Going in I honestly was expecting to leave empty-handed once again. I couldn't have been more wrong though as in the glass aisle things started strong.

Finding this what looks like a candle jar of some sort was a great start. Until seeing this jar I'd never come across anything like it before. Two things helped with the coolness factor, and me bringing it home. The first is that if you look close it was done during the time the team played in the Kingdome. Second is we have tons of the candles that would be used in this jar if I ever want to use it.

Traveling not far from the jar, and still down the glass aisle I came across this beauty.

I've seen these before at a not priced for me ten dollars or so. This one was at the much more affordable $1.99, and worth bringing home.While it does look to have a little wear I don't think I'd find too many in better shape, and at an even better price.

From there I did come across some 1991 football card, but decided to pass, and stick with my two treasure's. Not a bad way to start my September off, by finding two sweet additions into the Mariners collection. Hopefully the month will keep trending upward as I've got a big trip next weekend.