Thursday, September 24, 2015

Going On A BROcation- Sunday

Originally the plan for the weekend was to catch three games. After arriving early for the Friday game, and pulling the football, baseball double. Two games were down, and Monday's game against the Angels was a must do. That left the Sunday game in my eyes as a wild card game that we could either watch, or skip to do something different. Being JJ is a huge Seahawks fan I thought we could go to a sports bar, and catch the game. I left the option in his court thinking he might enjoy watching the Seahawks over another baseball game.

JJ didn't hesitate choosing to keep the baseball game run going. Not a bad idea that I was all for, and had honestly wanted to do. Before leaving we watched the first quarter from the hotel before heading to the stadium. Once there JJ would learn that he had made the best decision. The Mariners had the game on their big giant screen in center field. This left me wondering about how often you get to see a football game on a screen bigger than a house?

The bad news is he only got to see maybe half the game at most before they changed to Mariners Vision.  While JJ watched football I observed Rockies after Rockies player come over to sign autographs. It was during this time that inspiration hit me to do a selfie with a couple of the players. I got kind of a weird look from JJ when I headed over, but I enjoyed it, and that is what mattered.

Talking to a group of fans they spotted Jon Gray who they needed an autograph of. Not one to miss an opportunity I followed for another picture.

 Interestingly for the game we sat in the exact same row as on Friday. The difference was we were on the opposite side, and closer to the Rockies dugout.

When everything was said, and done the Rockies took game three 3-2. Being a bigger Rockies fan than Mariners I was pretty happy to see my team take the series 2-1.

After the game it was off to dinner, and some time in the hot tub. This had to be one of my favorite things on the trip. Everytime we have ever gone to Mariners games we have always came home Sunday. Getting to stay for the extra time, and catch the Monday game was a treat.