Friday, July 3, 2015

Civic Stadium Update

Things moved real fast after the fire on Tuesday. By Wednesday evening four youths all aged between 10-12 were in custody for the fire.

From articles released on Thursday out of Eugene. All four are looking at second degree arson charges from the destruction of Civic Stadium. Word is that the four had a lighter, and were lighting various things on fire when things got out of control. Trying to stomp a small fire out they failed, and bailed fast as the flames engulfed the wood structure.  Where things go from now is yet to be known as all four have been talking to police.

The big break was a fifth kid had been at the scene, and left before the fire started. He lucked out as a call from his parents to come home had him leave before the chaos started. Feeling guilty about what happened he talked to his parents who contacted police. The fifth boy so far has been freed of any charges as he was nowhere near the stadium.

This is truly a sad situation as four kids lives are most likely ruined, and a piece of Eugene history that was about to gain new life has been lost. It's a tricky story that I wouldn't want to be involved in deciding the fate of these four kids. A stupid mistake that some will want punished hard, and others will say was an accident. I personally can see both sides of the argument, and that is why I'd hate to be making the decision on their fates. More than anything it shows that those of us who are parents need to make sure fires are one thing we talk to our kids about. Maybe a talk like that might have prevented this tragedy.

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