Monday, July 13, 2015

Artelopes- Carolina Panthers

Despite taking all my supplies to do some artwork while at the coast I accomplished nothing. Why, is a sort of mystery as I was pretty pumped after getting a return from the Carolina Panthers to this artelope.

I wish it would have turned out a little better, but I feel like this was an OK attempt. On the team website their is a logo with a panther standing on an outline of Carolina. Wanting to change it up the idea of putting that same panther over a football was born. What you see above is the result of that idea.

Carolina nailed it with the return as they included the much requested business card. NFL teams have been a very tough collection to add cards into. Getting this card from the Panthers has gotten me excited about the upcoming season, and the hope of adding even more cards.

This return now leaves the count at nine requests out roaming the country. Three of the nine are close to joining the lost files, and might get mentioned by mid August or late August. It all depends on how long before I give up hope on their return.

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