Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th At The Emeralds

For the second year in a row we decided that it would be fun to do an Emeralds game for the Fourth of July. Unlike last year where we went out to pizza before heading out. We decided to stick around the house, and leave so we'd arrive close to the gates opening. Things worked out perfect as we were a couple minutes late, and were able to walk up, and enter right away.

A few things stuck out on this trip that were different from any other season. First was this.

Not thinking very clearly it took me a couple minutes to remember that the Emeralds change affiliations to the Cubs this year, and this had to be a memorial to

It was a great thing that honestly was a bit disappointing in a way. I love the idea of putting the number out there as a tribute to a truly great player. I also know the team is pumped about the new affiliation with the Cubbies this year.The disappointment comes from the fact I don't recall seeing Tony Gwynn get the same treatment last season. It might have been something I missed, but for some reason I doubt it.

Adding to a great game was the Emeralds mascot Sluggo was in awesome form.

This was an in-between innings water fight between Sluggo, and a staffer dressed as a member of the Vancouver Canadians team. In the end Sluggo won by dousing the man in ice water, and then watching him get tossed from the game to the crowds delight.

As for the game itself things were interesting with the home team Emeralds coming up short in the end 5-4. The team did have a chance to tie, or win in the bottom of the ninth. Leaving a runner on first when the final out was made. Following the game were some incredible fireworks with music played live by the Oregon Bach Festival.

As for some of the goodies I gathered while at the game here they are.

The information booth had stacks of these magnets which I picked up couple up. A fellow schedule collector is a huge Cubs fan so a couple will be going his direction. One or two will remain here, and any left are up for grabs.

My schedule collecting friend has hooked me up with some sweet items from his local independent league team the Gary/Southshore RailCats. One of these will be going to him, a second I will be keeping, and the third is up for grabs. If unclaimed I do trade with a Cubs fan, or two, and odds are one of them will be getting it with some baseball cards.

I had a great time, and look forward to seeing a few more games this year.

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