Monday, December 7, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 7

With the weekend being waaaay busy it has been a couple days since the last post. I will just say we had a serious day of Christmas shopping. Closing out the day we went out to the local animal shelter, and fell in love with a sweet dog. Feeling she would be perfect we put her on hold, and went back on Sunday first thing. Sunday was to meet our current dog to make sure everything would work out between the two. Doing a quick just us without the dog to make sure it was still good. We had a good time with what was a sweet shy eleven month old dog that would curl up on our laps. After this it was time for the meeting, and to see if the cat house would have another family member. As our dog walked into the room this sweet puppy turned into a nightmare that wanted to basically jump up on our dog, and wouldn't take his hints of no. Needless to say we came home without the new member, and are strongly believing things will stay that way. It's a tricky situation as I want a medium sized dog, and our dog isn't into dogs bigger than him. No biggie as I believe it's just a sign that we are supposed to be a one dog family.

 The wife is still keeping an eye on the shelter's website as she starts a vacation next week that will run through the remainder of the year. She wants another small dog, and the daughter wants just any sized. All this is a Pandora's Box I've kept closed as a big no, but now opened by wanting a little bigger dog.

Enough about the weekend, let's get back to the business of clearing out some unwanted stuff cluttering up the hobby room.

Game-Used Northwest League Baseball #1

While all the information on the ball is clean the ball itself is pretty dirty. I mention it because I'm not sure if how dirty it is comes through in the picture.

Game-Used Northwest League Baseball #2
As you can see this ball has a scuff mark in the writing area of the ball. It is a much cleaner ball than the #1 baseball.

In news for the other unclaimed items from past posts. The ice cream helmet is still available until Saturday, and so is three of the fire engines series 4 sets. On Saturday they will both go away with another box heading to the Goodwill truck. I also spent some serious time at the post office mailing out a package to Billy Kingsley. This leaves me still needing an address for Julie Owens so I can mail out your treasures.


  1. It's hard to say no to a new dog. I have a hard time imagining life without a dog in my house.

    1. It was kind of weird the gap we had where we didn't have a dog, and had nothing but cats. Problem was we go places alot so the wife, and daughter had to really do some work on selling me that a dog would work.

  2. Julie will be happy to email her address. She also likes ball #2. hint hint. I'm so glad to know your looking for a new family member at your local shelter. You'll find the right pup!

    1. please email me: acrackedbat atgmaildotcom thanks! I can't get your email address to open up.