Saturday, June 13, 2015

Artelopes- The Good Stuff

After getting a potpourri of good, and bad returns in the last four. Friday things got a whole lot better as two more came home. These two didn't disappoint, and forgetting about the other results before these.

Getting this party kicked off was my request to the Bluefield Blue Jays from my nemesis the Appalachian League. With three teams remaining for a finished league I sent artwork to all three teams, and the Blue Jays were the second in getting back to me.

For the artwork you can tell I went with the simple team logo. With my limited capabilities it ended up being a touch harder than I thought it would be. For some reason it seems like at times the ones that look easy end up being tougher than you would think. Some of the ones that look tough end up being easier than expected.

After opening up the envelope, and seeing a business card staring at me I was pumped. Not only did it now put the Appalachian League down to two teams, but it set the tone for both returns. Included, and almost forgotten is the three very well done schedules that were also inside.

I will start by saying that Orlando City FC is a new team in the MLS. In baseball I've had decent luck with teams in their inaugural season, but haven't had any experience with the MLS. This left me not knowing what to expect in the form of a return from this new team.

Originally I had planned on doing what I've done with the other MLS teams I've already mailed. My problem was thinking about how to incorporate the lion into the whole thing. I wanted to do the lion, but not lose the face and be left with the mane. While giving it thought the idea came into my mind to do the goal with an MLS soccer ball next to it. After drawing the ball, and grass I was getting ready to start with the netting. As I got ready to start the process things took a turn once again. Coming into play was why not just do the teams color of purple behind the ball. This way the ball wouldn't get lost in all the other stuff going on. In the end I was pretty pleased with the end results, and glad I went with the purple instead of the goal.

Orlando City did me good, and sent three business cards that are pretty nice cards. I am always a fan of cards that have that little something extra on the back of the card. One thing that I noticed right way on the card, and odds are something most people would never pay attention to. This has to be one of my most favorite things on any card. If you look at the card again you will notice that her position is "Manager Of First Impressions", a very cool position if you ask me.

Not only did they do an excellent job with their business cards. Orlando City FC knocked their schedules right into the goal. What you can't see in the scan is that the cover is made of a thicker glossier paper than most schedules. The heavier paper is also used on the back part of the schedule.

Above is the schedule fully unfolded to show off the matches, and field layout. It's a great look throughout that odds are might have me collecting schedules from the team. I'm not a soccer schedule collector, but probably will be for Orlando City FC for a few years atleast.

The Orlando City FC request has gotten me excited once again to write two more MLS teams, and see what comes back. Who knows if two might even turn into three or more, it all depends on what ideas start flowing.

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