Monday, April 21, 2014

Working On My Motivation

There has been one thing that has hit me the hardest since the wife's wreck. That thing is my motivation to do things. The day all this happened my daughter, and myself were working on finishing up the painting in the dining room. Both of us were in full force paint mode, and I had sent the wife to get touch up foam brushes to we could get the corner spots.

Don't think for a second either that I blame myself for all this. Quite the opposite in fact. If I would have gone for them myself odds are the daughter would have went to. The passenger side of the car was destroyed, and she would have been in that spot. Even with this happening we believe all of us were being looked out for as things could have been much worse than they are.

The plan for that day though was to complete the dining room. From there we were going to texture paint the daughter's future bedroom that same day. Then the following day paint the complete room, and possibly start the process of laying down the wood flooring she wants. By now her room was to be completed, and me maybe in the new hobby room getting things organized the way I want them.

Instead the dining room took almost another full week to complete, and her room sits without anything being touched. I will call it what it is, a total lack of motivation on my part to do much of anything. All this has hit me in other things as well. I've had a few chances to post here on the blog, and just sat here reading other blogs, and cruising the internet instead.

This isn't a sad story though, actually I'm hoping it is far from that. On Friday I got off early to take care of some car related things as our car was totaled in the wreck. Afterwards with the help of the stepson we went car shopping, and purchased a new car. He went to college, and earned a degree to be a car mechanic. Due to this he knew to ask all the questions we would have never imagined. The bummer is the exact car we bought wasn't there as the wife wanted a bright blue car. Things like car color means nothing to me, but it was vital to her so we decide to wait.

 It's tough being down to one car, and that car 15 years old with a ton of miles on it. In the back of your mind you can't help, but wonder if the car might break down at any second. Thus leaving us totally screwed, and without any transportation. So getting this new car takes a huge burden off the shoulders. It kills the wife though as she can't drive it, and only gets to sit in it for her appointments.

We didn't have to wait for long as with the relief of the car things being gone. I started to try, and work on the daughters future bedroom. That went south in a hurry as we got the call that our car came in on the truck, and would be ready in an hour. Many phone calls later I had a ride, and went to get the car. Sadly we never did get back to working on the room though.

The good news is that on Sunday I motivated myself to draw out seven new artelopes, and will be sending them out today. Throw in this post that who knows if it really interests anyone, but for some reason I just have to do. While odds are I won't be back to the almost a post every day or two days I was doing. Mondays are the huge errands day, and that list is insane since the accident. Gone is Monday doing a small errand, and then hitting Goodwill, and/or a card shop possibly. On Tuesday through Friday I pull ten hour work days, and then take the wife to appointments followed by house stuff.

Who knows how often posts will get done. What I do know is things are starting to line up which is a good thing. My motivation is obviously starting to return along with all that. Hopefully I can keep running with it, and get things done.

((Not sure if anyone noticed or not. All the cards shown in this post are of players who have been benched for lack of hustle during their career. Wanted to keep some form of theme for the post, and thought that seemed like a cool one. I don't own any of these cards either, and got them from an internet search.))

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  1. Hope t hings work out for you--going through some personal things myself and can relate