Sunday, April 20, 2014

It's Going To Be Lexington, Wait For It... Legends!!

Thought up this idea for this post during the week when this artelope return came in. With what was my daughter, and mine favorite show ending. One last tribute seems like the thing to do. First as usual is the envelope that was sent.

If it looks fairly familiar it is because the thing looks really similar to last years request.

What can I say? The day this artelope was done I had done five others, and started to run out of ideas. Throw in that sometimes my limited art ability shows through which limits what I can draw on these. The good news is as usual the Legends took really good care of me.

While the request included the usual for business cards as I just like to do things this way. You never know when a team has changed their design. The main reason for this request though was for the pocket schedule. Lexington delivered with what is a decent looking schedule. You don't always have to go all crazy to put out a decent schedule. Sometimes something as simple as a ball, jersey, or in this case a hat gets the job done.

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