Wednesday, January 6, 2016

If I Could Vote For The Hall, Roger and Sylvia Would Get My Vote

While many a fan of the two players elected today to the Hall-Of-Fame are sharing their thoughts. I have a pair of collectors who may never get into the Hall-Of-Fame, but still has my vote. Roger, and Sylvia who do all their work at the online trading group TradingBases.

 Not long ago another post thanking a member of the group got a couple trade offers. One of those offers came from Roger, and Sylvia. Despite my slow moving, and coming up with very little to send their direction. The two hit me up with a batch of cards that have me screaming their praises from the rooftops.

Starting things off were these nine very rarely hit 2008 Documentary cards for the Rockies. Those cards alone would have been an amazing trade. Luckily for The Cat the pair weren't finished there.

Something I hadn't though of when building the Rockies set was collecting the cards for the other team. Roger, and Sylvia were one step ahead of me. Included in the mailer were seven cards for the games Rockies played in, but were for the team they played against.

The Mariners got their share of goodness as well as the Rockies. Showing that they aren't one trick ponies the duo added in five Mariners cards from the same set.

Not satisfied with the previous damage done to both teams sets. Much like the Rockies, and the cards for the other teams popping up. Seven cards for games played by the Mariners joined in on the party.

Like all the players in the actual Hall-Of-Fame showed they could do more than one thing. Roger, and Sylvia showed that they were well rounded traders. Closing out the trade were ten 1995 Collectors Choice Special Edition Silver Signatures.

I can't say thank you enough Roger, and Sylvia for all these great cards. Sorry, that I took this long to give you your due for sending these fine treasures. What it has done is gotten me thinking that maybe I do need to make one resolution for 2016. I need to get my butt in gear, and get back to people much faster than I currently do. Then once things are completed I need to give thank you's faster than I have been recently. 

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