Sunday, May 17, 2015

From The Founder

Not long ago Kevin who was the founder of the online trading group TradingBases sent out a call for some missing Mets cards. On that list was a few cards from 2015 Opening Day that I just so happened to have. So an e-mail was sent to make sure no one had beaten me to the punch. Luckily I was the first, and was able to send Kevin the cards he was looking for. It also gave me a chance to send him a few other cards I'd been saving. I'm terrible sometimes about sending things out until getting a reminder like the original e-mail was.

After getting the e-mail Kevin went straight to work on gathering up a return. What he sent was more fun than any PWE should contain.

First we will start it off with our two friends from the American League. Wally falls under that category of either being inspired by minor league mascots or was the inspiration for them. He's one of those weird looking things that you just can't explain. I bet if I was a Red Sox fan I would know more, and could dazzle you with fun information about Wally, but I can't. As for Captain he's simple to explain, he's a horse.

Closing out the fun, and from the National League is the Braves mascot. He falls under the category of the baseball heads that just look different. To me the whole baseball headed mascot seems a little played out, but with the team name what are you going to do. Maybe at some point they can figure something out more original. Either that, or give him a better look than the one he currently has. I'm just not a fan of the way he currently is.

Thank you so much for all this fun Kevin. Adding three mascot cards into the collection is always a fun day.


  1. The Braves have to go with the baseball head. Otherwise, they get into Native-American-racist territory pretty quickly.

  2. I think Ranger looks more like a moose minus the antlers. I've attended many Rangers games over the years since he's been around and never have found him to be much fun.