Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well Sheets! What A Beaching Ending!

If you are one of the people who reads my gibberish on a daily basis you remember the original Well Sheets! posting. If you don't or just plain forgot then here's the rewind.

 Back on the 17th of September I was making one of the weekly Goodwill stops that keeps this blog running with bobblehead, baseball cards, or whatever else I buy that particular week. The big part of the trip was the purchase I didn't make, and was rethinking over, and over again in my head. Wanting to start the process of organizing the collection better. With the main part of this organization being putting the cards in sheets so I can enjoy the collection. Why collect baseball cards if you can't look at them every so often, and enjoy them was my thinking. Before being able to put cards in sheets I needed the sheets to put them in.

 That was the purchase I didn't make. While there I came across a baseball card binder that contained around 40 or so pages. The problem was the pages all looked a little beat up to me. Despite the look of these pages I was thinking about the possible money saved, and buying the book. I wasn't completely sold so before making the purchase I asked the daughter what she thought. Giving the pages a look over she felt a few, and talked me out of buying the album. Listening to her I put it back knowing deep down that it was the right choice. Still that decision was haunting me as I wanted to put cards into pages. I was desperate enough that when I went to the card show recently I almost bought some there. I looked at the choice, and decided in the end it wasn't worth it. I didn't know the brand of these sheets so I passed.

Still I needed sheets, and I needed them now. I was becoming desperate as I haven't had the chance to get to the card shop I enjoy going to due to errands keeping me away. The entire ordeal had me changing the way I went through Goodwill. Instead of just going to the first aisle I would give a glance towards the binders as I passed by. This was the new going through the store method until this last Saturday when this sight caught my eyes.

That's right a Pro Set binder. Seeing this bad boy I made a beeline right to it without hesitating for one second. I wasn't going to risk it being gone while I walked through the two aisles on my way back. The best part of this binder is it was full of nine pocket pages. Not only was it full, but these pages are in excellent condition. Doing a count of the sheets I came up with 100 sheets that I can use to put cards in. This doesn't include the off brand sheets that made their trip straight to the garbage can. Included were cards that inspired the beaching ending.

Inside some of the pages was a bunch of 1992 Beach Sports cards. I haven't pulled the cards out to see if it is a complete set or just partial, but I'm guessing its complete. It includes eight prototype cards, and four holographic cards as well. Sunday had me too excited putting cards into pages that I didn't start taking the beach cards out yet. More than anything I'm thrilled that this story has a happy ending.


  1. oh yes, post up all those Beachin' cards!

  2. Awesome purchase! I busted a box of the 1992 Beach Sports cards back in the day. I pulled this cool Michael Irvin autograph out of it. Very cool stuff. Oh and Derek Ho was one of my favorite surfers growing up... and Hosoi was one of my favorite skaters.